Leaders in Obstetrics and Gynaecology in PNG

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At the recent O&G Symposium held in Alotau in early September, a number of young emerging leaders went on stage to present their student projects. They demonstrated good knowledge of the subject and excellent presentation skills. They convinced the audience that they would one day become technical experts in O&G. Behind the scene of learning and teaching stand the gurus of O&G in PNG who work tirelessly to look after mothers and newborns, manage the wards and clinics, and to teach various categories of students amongst many other tasks.

This particular picture captures three such leaders – Dr Grace Kariwiga O&G Consultant based in Alotau Provincial Hospital, Milne Bay Province, Professor Bediako Amoa, Consultant at Port Moresby General Hospital, and Dr Mary Bagita, Consultant at PM Gen Hospital and also current President of PNG O&G Society.  Missing from this picture are two other O&G leaders – Prof Glen Mola, Head of O&G at School of Health Sciences at UPNG and Dr Augerea Ligo, Chief of O&G at the main Port Moresby Gen Hospital.  Well done to all of them; many more names are not mentioned here, but who have also made immense contribution to women’s health in PNG and in the region.