Pacific Journal of Reproductive Health, June 2017 Issue 5 Published

The Editorial Board of the Pacific Journal of Reproductive Health (PJRH) is happy to announce the publication of the 5th issue of the Journal. The “Ocean-Blue Journal” is an independent Open Access Journal dedicated to the generation and dissemination of reproductive health research evidence in the Pacific and low-resource settings.

Pacific Journal for Reproductive Health 5th Issue

The theme of the issue is Sexual Health. Mr Kelwyn Browne and Dr Rufina Latu in their editorials outline from different perspectives but similar themes the importance of the topic. Kelwyn led with a strong message about including fathers in Maternal-Child Health.

“Men are castigated for causing pregnancy, not using condoms, wanting large families, not wanting themselves or their partners to access family planning, using women as baby factories, and not supporting their female partners during pregnancy, delivery, or breast feeding. Conversely, there are few messages guiding men on “how to” support their partners, and they are often excluded from these care giving nurturing roles by the health system.” 

Rufina, on the other hand, drew from her vast experience in Sexual and Reproductive Health:

“Sometimes, we are too ambitious in achieving targets. We need to be realistic, noting that interventions in SRHR require sufficient political, developmental, programmatic and financial attention to ensure accelerated progress. The bonus is that improved sexual and reproductive health and respect for rights not only has a significant effect on the lives of people, it is also crucial for transforming societies towards establishing a more enabling and fulfilling environment for the well-being of future generations.”

Read or download the Journal issue from here.

” We are accepting manuscripts for the next issue. All submissions are peer reviewed and are posted online once accepted. Email the Journal Manager for more information.

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