PEMNeT takes off in Niue

by Dr Sharron Bolitho (with editorial additions by Dr Alec Ekeroma)

The smallest nation in the world may not have had a maternal death for years but preparations to avert obstetric emergencies has been the cornerstone of Niue’s maternal health strategy.

Niue PEMNeT is well underway with Dr Waimanu Pulu and staff nurse Rose leading the programme. The programme is being held weekly in Niue Hospitals regular half day education session doing one topic a week. Dr Waimanu Pulu ran the first session on neonatal resuscitation. Rose and Waimanu ran the second session on teamwork and postpartum haemmorhage with support from Dr Sharron Bolitho (Facilitator at PEMNeT Train the Trainers course NZ) and actress  Dr Olivia Smart. Dr Smart was in Niue with 30 other doctors from New Zealand who attended a NZ Gynae Club conference that was coordinated by Niue’s own Dr Kara Okesene-Gafa.
The Niue medical staff have received the programme enthusiastically and are enjoying the practical aspects with great participation.  Well done Niue!